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Helping leaders navigate uncertainty by achieving clarity through a future-proofed vision.

This is the main mission that drives Diego Gilardoni in his activity as a future strategist, leadership advisor, speaker, and executive facilitator.


A former journalist turned international advisor, over the last decade Diego has been consulting, speaking, writing, training, and facilitating at the intersection of global business, communication, leadership, and culture before making strategic foresight and futures thinking the main focus of his activity. Diego is a Strategic Foresight consultant certified by the Institute of the Future of Palo Alto, the Kairos Academy in Stockholm, the Oxford Scenarios Program, and the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies.


Diego is a Strategic Foresight consultant certified by the Institute of the Future of Palo Alto, the Kairos Academy in Stockholm, the Oxford Scenarios Program, and the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies.

He is also advising leaders on creating their strategic narrative and he is a facilitator of executive workshops and retreats.

A graduate in History from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, Diego holds a Oxford Executive Diploma in Global Business from Saïd Business School. He is also certified in Neuroleadership by the Neuroleadership Institute in New York and is a certified Visionary Leadership Coach.

He has given lectures in different academic institutions, including the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

Diego is the author of Decoding China (2017) and was a member of the International Advisory Board of the National Image Research Centre at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Originally from Switzerland, he has lived in the United States and China and he is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Strategic Forsight

To stay relevant in an era of increasing complexity and uncertainty companies need to develop anticipatory leadership, the ability to manage change by anticipating it. And the best way to do it is through Strategic Foresight.


Strategic Foresight is a structured yet open methodology that allows organizations to explore possible future developments and their implications for today’s strategies, making them future-ready by improving their decision-making process.


As futurist Karl Schröder has said, Strategic Foresight is not about predicting the future, it’s about minimizing surprises.

By scanning the horizon for emerging trends and critical uncertainties, by making sense of these trends’ potential future developments through the exploration of different plausible future scenarios, companies develop the ability to identify and anticipate emerging challenges and opportunities, and, most importantly, can take the proper steps right away to be prepared for the future through better decisions today.

As a certified Strategic Foresight consultant, Diego Gilardoni has been applying the tools of this methodology to companies of different industries and of different size, by tailoring his strategic workshops to the specific needs and resources of the client.

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Diego is an internationally recognized public speaker with extensive experience across continents and cultures delivering keynote speeches at corporate events or executive briefings at board meetings and strategic retreats.

Drawing on his cross-disciplinary knowledge and global experience, Diego provides thought-provoking strategic intelligence to clients to help them imagine the future, anticipate risks and opportunities, and make sense of the geostrategic, technological, social, and cultural complexities impacting global business in an increasingly fragmented world.

He has given a TEDx Talk on global business and culture.

In addition to corporate events, Diego has spoken at different international conferences around the world, including the Istanbul Global Leadership Forum, the Oman Business Forum, the World Communication Forum, the PWC Global Sports Summit, the EU-China Forum, and the annual convention of the China International Public Relations Association.

He delivers speeches in English, French, and Italian.

“ Diego stands as a global thought leader whose advanced perceptive abilities are able to shed constructive light on seemingly insurmountable societal and business issues."

Peter Shaindlin, COO Halelukani Corporation, US



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