• Diego Gilardoni

Soft Power and Strategic Narratives

Event on Soft Power organized by Young China Watchers Brussels


YCW Brussels: "Is China’s soft power working in Europe?" (Tue, Nov. 19)

with Diego Gilardoni, International Speaker and Author of "Decoding China"

Tuesday, November 19, 2019, 18:45

L'horloge du Sud, Rue du Trône 141

Over the past years, China has developed a well-established soft power strategy. This has lead to discussions on influence and interference, as well as reputational problems for China, but also to some success.

Between panda-hugging and China-bashing, Europeans have struggled to bring a degree of complexity in their perceptions of China today.

Diego Gilardoni will discuss with Young China Watchers on the challenges to bridge the narrative gap between China and the West, in particular Europe. The discussion will analyse the Chinese narrative and its impact in Europe, deconstructing when necessary common stereotypes and going beyond popular narratives among the public opinion.