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Diego Gilardoni, drawing on a rich experience at the nexus of global business, culture, strategy, and communication, provides perspectives and insights on how to navigate an increasingly connected yet fragmented world.


A truly global speaker with a global mindset, Diego brings a rich and eclectic professional experience spanning different sectors, cultures, and continents at the nexus of global business, communication, and international affairs.


By building on a cross-disciplinary and international background as a journalist in Europe and in the US, and as a business consultant in China, Diego today wears many hats, as an executive advisor, strategist, author, cross-cultural business consultant and trainer, academic lecturer and a sought-after public speaker.


Thanks to his ability to draw wide, original, and insightful perspectives at the intersection of global business, communication, reputation, culture, strategy, and international affairs, in the last few years Diego has been invited to speak at corporate events and international conferences around the world.

He has also given a TEDx Talk on global communication and he is the Author of “Decoding China. Cross-cultural strategies for successful business with the Chinese”.

As an expert in communication, reputation, and global affairs, Diego was appointed member of the International Advisory Board of the National Image Research Center of Tsinghua University in Beijing, the leading Think Tank providing advice to Chinese institutions and corporations on public and corporate diplomacy strategies.

He is also active as an academic lecturer and he was recently Visiting Professor in global business and corporate diplomacy at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

He earned a degree in History at the University of Fribourg, in Switzerland, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business (with a focus on global reputation and corporate diplomacy) at the University of Oxford, where he also completed the executive Oxford Scenarios Programme at Saïd Business School. He also holds an Executive Certificate in Advocacy in International Affairs from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva and is a certified intercultural management consultant and trainer.




Diego Gilardoni is a true Renaissance Man reminiscent of philosopher John Dewey: through the combination of his tremendous persuasive powers coupled with his visionary aptitude for pragmatic solutions, he stands as a global thought leader whose advanced perceptive abilities are able to shed constructive light on seemingly insurmountable societal and business issues. A bristling and highly stimulating Oxford intellectual, his no-nonsense analytical and innovative skill set encourages both leaders and public alike to reimagine their outlook by first reimaging themselves. Diego combines his extensive international pedigree in communications, leadership, and strategy to inspire those around him with a heightened sense of purpose and clarity anchored upon fundamental tenets of ethics and moral responsibility based on the humanities, but also on logic, rationality and even history itself. To spend time with him and be showered with his gifts is to see a new door open to a brighter and more meaningful future. There is no challenge too perplexing for him to deconstruct, re-conceptualize and in turn, conquer.

Strategic Forsight

Combining his eclectic and international experience with a broad intellectual background and a strategic mindset, in his professional activity Diego covers different dimensions of global business and global communication by bringing an interdisciplinary perspective able to capture and connect the different layers of global complexity and help clients navigate today’s uncertainty and ambiguity.

He is an Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights, a leading cross-cultural management consulting and training firm specialized in advising international companies on doing business across borders and on building more effective and lasting international relationships. As such, he delivers corporate trainings internationally on managing across cultures, building global teams, developing a global mindset and communicate with international stakeholders (with a specific focus on China and Asia).

Diego is also active as an independent advisor on strategy, reputation, and communication for C-Suite executives who are looking for an outside sounding board able to bring new perspectives, identify emerging opportunities or risks, and help them reframe their vision and message. 

Drawing on his own experience as a successful public speaker and as a former journalist with a passion for communication, words, and ideas, Diego is also available as a public speaking and executive communication advisor and trainer, and as a speechwriter.

If you’d like to discuss potential opportunities of cooperation, please contact Diego at


Diego Gilardoni is a renowned and sought-after public speaker with an extensive international experience and a broad intellectual background, able to combine insightful content with an engaging and entertaining presentation style.

Thanks to his ability to draw wide, original, and insightful perspectives at the nexus of global business, communication, reputation, culture, strategy, and international affairs, in the last few years Diego has been invited to speak at corporate events and international conferences around the world.

Recent events of note include the annual conference of the China International Public Relations Association, the Istanbul Global Leadership Summit, the PWC Global Sports Industry Summit, the Oman Business Forum, the global convention of The Leading Hotels of the World, the High Forum for Intercultural Business Communication in Beijing, the World Communication Forum, the Euro-China Forum in Brussels, and the Chinese-Swiss High-Tech Summit.

Diego has given a TEDx Talk on global business and cultural intelligence, focusing on how to adapt global strategies to local markets with the appropriate communication strategy.

Through a globally minded, holistic, and cross-disciplinary approach, Diego delivers speeches related to the following areas:


  • Global Business.

  • Global Mindset.

  • Global Leadership.

  • Globalization and Geopolitics.

  • Innovation.

  • Scenarios and Strategic Foresight.

  • Sensemaking in the era of “connected fragmentation”.

  • Leading and managing across cultures.

  • Cross-cultural communication.

  • Cross-cultural business.

  • China.

  • Asia.

  • China and Globalization.

  • Reputation.

  • Soft power and public diplomacy.

  • Corporate diplomacy.

  • Chinese business culture.

  • Communication.

The Cultural Compass
Diego Gilardoni
Day Four - June 18
Diego Gilardoni
June 2020
Diego Gilardoni
Video 1

Cross-cultural strategies for succesfull Business with the Chinese.

“Decoding China” is certainly a pragmatic and business-oriented book about China and about cross-cultural strategies on the Chinese market, but it is also a book about one of the most ancient and fascinating cultures of human history; a culture that, given the influence of China, will shape the world in the decades to come.

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